We Fly as
One Family


At Edge Flight, we take a holistic approach to cheerleading and seek to develop our athletes as strong leaders and great team players.

Not only do we exist to support and train each athlete physically, but also to foster kind, caring, confident, and compassionate individuals who look out for others.

We’ve been intentional in creating an environment where everyone — regardless of ability or athletic background — is given the opportunity to develop new skills as a cheerleader, and a person. Since Edge Flight began in 2014, our gyms have become safe spaces (even second homes!) where athletes are nurtured, inspired, and motivated to take on the challenges of the cheer world and their own worlds.  


More Than a Sport

Although we are competitive, our primary focus is on making sure our athletes enjoy coming to training, and are inspired every time they walk out onto a cheer floor. We design our classes to be fun and ensure that they are taught in a safe and positive learning environment where everyone can thrive.

We’d love to have you join us and discover for yourself what it’s like to be a part of this amazing family! 

More than game.jpg

 I love my Edge family!

“Sam and Ryan are always putting everyone at this club first. The coaches and staff are such supportive and caring people! I couldn't think of anywhere else to cheer.”

Taylah Ritchie, Level 5 Athlete